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The Elusive Dissertation

❶The process of submitting a thesis or dissertation electronically includes the following:


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As part of the administrative expenses associated with the submission and approval of your ETD, there are fees payable when you submit your ETD. There also are some publishing options that may or may not result in additional fees that you pay to PQ. As part of the agreement with PQ, there are two main categories of publishing, with these depending on the choices made by the student and his or her committee with regards to the level of accessibility by the public.

Traditional Publishing is the default. Purchase of the full manuscript from PQ will generate royalties for the author. Open Access Publishing Optional. An alternative publishing arrangement is available with PQ. Measures of declarative knowledge of suicide risk and protective factors, application to clinical scenarios, and risk assessment and management self-efficacy scales were administered before and after completion of the workshop.

While the previous research has repeatedly shown an association of career decision ambiguity tolerance with career indecision, the direction of this association has not been adequately assessed with longitudinal investigation.

It was hypothesized in this study that there is a reciprocal pattern of career decision ambiguity tolerance leading to subsequent career indecision and career indecision leading to subsequent career decision ambiguity tolerance. Using a cross-lagged panel design, this study found support for the reciprocal Problems with recruiting and retaining older volunteers have resulted in less than one-quarter of older adults participating in volunteer activities BLS, Much emphasis on volunteer motivations have been placed to enhance volunteer engagement among late-midlife and older adults e.

By reframing volunteering as a compensatory strategy, the purpose of the current study was to evaluate factors, including career-related interests, that Specifically, this study used multiple regression analysis to test the associations between college self-efficacy course self-efficacy and social self-efficacy , proximal contextual influences campus climate and cultural fit , and gender on the academic performance self reported grade point average, GPA.

Results indicated that course self-efficacy was a significant predictor of academic performance for Mexican American undergraduate students. In addition, social self-efficacy, positive perceptions of the campus Are you sure you want to delete this collection? This will delete all items in the collection and can not be undone! Toggle navigation Digital Repository. You can perform advanced searches from this box. Cramer Hunsberger Fall Microflora of the equine gut and its ramifications on the development of laminitis; A comparison of fecal and cecal diversity and Illumina and Roche sequencers , Matthew John Jevit Summer Making Sense of Sensory Processing: Sexual Desire s and the Desire for Intimacy: An Autoethnographic Exploration , Nikolaos D.

Lifting the veil of invisiblity: An Imaginative Theory of Doctrinal Development: The role of mindset and grit in reducing counselor burnout , Bethany Novotny Summer Rebuilding the Catholic Brand in America: Interpersonal APProach to Dementia: A Study on Conscience:


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Chinese Electronic Theses and Dissertations Service Description Selected dissertations and theses from various universities in Taiwan, as well as Hong Kong university.

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Chinese electronic theses and dissertations service. Chinese, studies Online, dissertations of, china (Wanfang). The Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Service (ETDS) of Airiti Inc provides a free-of-charge platform for any graduate student of a participating university to submit an approved Master's thesis or doctoral dissertation for storage and retrieval.