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❶The Court noted that in his deposition, Dr. Accounting Case Study Help.

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Describe how the challenge was overcome tell of the battle. Sum it up give it a happy ending. On the The National Center for the Middle Market site, journalist Erik Sherman laid out what he sees as the "fairly strict formula" for a case study:.

There may be other structures that could work, and experimentation can be good, but only so long as all these points are covered at a minimum in the final piece.

Another way to look at it is to think of case studies as stories told from the perspective of a happy customer. These kind of stories, says Slaunwhite, are hard to resist reading. Hibbard, who wrote the book Stories that Sell , says there are two types of audiences: And just like a city keeps its signpost format the same, so too should your case study library. In her case study mistakes ebook, Hibbard offers another approach: But the most interesting stories usually take a more creative path.

Instead, she encourages you to think about the personality of your audience and consider what would resonate with them most. Here are three alternatives she recommends:. See the "Label the Customer" top below. Readers who want to know more can click through to a complete version that goes into more detail. Selecting what type of customer—marketer, small business owner or data scientist—to profile is a major task in itself, one that involves first understanding who will pay for your product.

At Zapier, we send out an automated email invitation every Wednesday asking customers who meet a certain app usage condition to participate in a case study. In the plain-text email, the customer is asked to fill out a short form with questions such as, "What results have you seen since using Zapier?

Since implementing this automated request and retrieval process in December, more than customers have submitted their stories for case studies. Another method to build a list of case study candidates is to offer incentives , both to customers themselves and your sales team.

Hibbard, who runs a case study consultancy , encourages leaning on your salespeople, too. Other methods, such as offering an award for the best use of your product, are present, too. This process is easy to implement as saving favorited tweets can be automated with a Zap. This attachment outlines these five items:. Hibbard also recommends supplying your customer the final approval form to use the case study upfront, Graham shared. Sharing this approval form before taking up one to two hours of their and your time will be beneficial to both parties.

Readers want to see how you helped real people in real companies solve real business problems," Spindler writes on his blog. Which undermines your credibility," he writes. Though this label was, in reality randomly handed out, those who received it had a 15 percent higher turnout than the other group.

Instead of saying, "our online marketing services led to these results," be specific about your product or service, Kristi Hines , a blog marketing professional, encourages on the Kissmetrics blog.

Never pretend to have done more than you did. Instead of ambiguous phrases like "cut time in half," Hines calls for using real numbers in case studies. Make the "clear as day," she says. When presenting a case study, show what you product has done on average for your range of clients. Not all impressive results come in number form, says Sorenson on the HubSpot blog. If the end result is impressive and you know your prospects might find these results important, share them through direct quotes that you visually call out within the case study content," she write.

No KPI needed there. In her interviews, Hibbard says she likes to ask the following question to possibly pull out an anecdote result: Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Joiner , U. Carmichael , U. In Daubert , the Supreme Court stated that judges must be the gatekeepers who determine the threshold admissibility of expert evidence by examining whether the proffered evidence is scientifically valid and reliable. Only if threshold admissibility is achieved will the trier of fact receive the evidence.

The burden to establish that a proposed expert witness meets the minimum legal standard set out in Rule is on the party tendering the witness. Cummings was tendered by the plaintiff as an expert in biomechanics and forensic video analysis. Cummings has a PhD in biomedical engineering and a BS degree in applied and materials science with minors in physics and chemistry.

He works in areas of biomedical engineering, accident reconstruction and is the principal consulting scientist of his own company. He advised the court that he has been deposed approximately times and has testified as an expert approximately 50 times. It was proposed that Dr. He offered a series of opinions in his expert report, including:. In arriving at his opinions, Dr. Cummings reviewed police in-car camera videos of the incident, medical records, trial testimony, an acquittal memorandum, an investigative report, and several publications.

A central feature of Dr. He stated that he used photogrammetry to calculate head velocity using still images. The defendants challenged Dr. Specifically, the defendants challenged Dr. The defendants sought to rebut Dr. The defendants argued that Dr. Cummings lacked the necessary qualifications to conduct forensic video analysis. Among the points made by Mr. Fredericks were the following:. On the issue of qualifications, the Court found that Dr. Cummings was not qualified to calculate head velocity from video images.

He lacked the necessary technical knowledge of the video evidence which a true forensic video analyst would possess. Cummings also admitted that there were no peer-reviewed publications that supported his methodology. For these reasons, Dr. Cummings is unqualified to do the sort of scientific analysis that he purported to perform in this case. Cummings may be an expert in some areas, but he is not an expert in the photogrammetry of a video system he does not adequately understand.

Cummings Deposition at lacking understanding of the video encoding process. His deposition displays a worrisome deficiency in the knowledge expected from an expert. Cummings Deposition , displaying an inadequate knowledge on issues such as GOP and predictive vs. The Court noted that in his deposition, Dr. Issue 1 was therefore decided in favor of the defendants. The defendants claimed that Dr. Among the problems pointed out were the failure to properly consider and account for bidirectional and predictive images, de-interlacing, aspect ratio, and field of view.

They further argued that the measurement points that Dr. Cummings placed on the video images were unreliable and that his error rate for the methodology employed was too high. In response, the plaintiff argued that such issues should go to weight, not admissibility. Prior to Daubert , this argument may have had more traction. In Daubert , the Supreme Court mandated that trial judges undertake the important role of gatekeeper in order to ensure that only validated, reliable science is presented to the trier of fact.

In this case, the Court found that the methodology employed by Dr. Cummings was not reliable and therefore Issue 2 was decided in favor of the defendants. The Court ruled that Dr.

He was in no better position to observe, understand or interpret the contents of the video than the jury. Where proffered expert testimony adds nothing to what the attorneys will argue to the jury, the evidence is not helpful.

The Court found that the jury was perfectly capable of watching the video and reaching its own opinion based on that.

Issue 3 was therefore decided in favor of the defendants. The Court therefore excluded the evidence of Dr. Cummings, meaning that the jury would never hear any of his evidence. This ruling was based on his lack of qualifications, unreliable methodology and unhelpfulness.

A second witness tendered by the plaintiff before the Court as an expert in use of force was similarly challenged by the defendants and following the required analysis, the Court excluded his evidence as well. This is a role that the Court takes very seriously, conscious of the impropriety of overstepping. However, Patel has not made the requisite showings required to admit either Dr.

Cummings or Jerry Wiley as an expert in this case. Ultimately, Patel carried the burden on these two witnesses, a burden that he fell well short of meeting. City of Madison and Parker decision is illustrative of a more endemic problem in North American civil and criminal litigation. While all people with sight can view video evidence, not everyone can form a correct judgment as to what they are actually seeing. Contrary to what Dr. Cummings claimed, there is robust forensic video analysis training available.

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Case Study: Expert Alarm System Energy Solutions International Pg. 3 Initial System The history and development of the EAS project is tied to the history and development of the FGT Real-Time model.

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Example Case Study. Expert TA was used in your PHYS Course for the Fall semester. You had total of 23 assignments which contained a total of problems. (d) the expert has reliably applied the principles and methods to the facts of the case. Rule must be read in conjunction with three seminal decisions of the Supreme Court that address expert testimony: Daubert v.

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View Test Prep - Holiday Experts(exam case) from MGMT at University of the West Indies at Cave Hill. Case Study Holiday Experts Ken Turner has recently retired from his travel agency business14%(7). If you require case study help, you can now get in touch with our professional team that will help you improve your thought process as well as polish every aspect of your case study writing, leaving you to enjoy good things in life. In case you need to find out more about how our services work, be sure to read on.