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Julius Caesar Questions and Answers

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❶Follow these simple steps to find online resources for your book. Although he dismisses as a dreamer the soothsayer who warns him of the Ides of March, there are signs that Caesar is not entirely at ease.

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Who was Julius Caesar?
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The reason why crossing the Rubicon river was such a big deal is because Caesar was disobeying what the Roman government had asked him to do. He was marching back to Rome with his armies after fighting in Gaul, but the law was that an army had to disband before entering Rome which would have prevented civil war. Caesar refused to do this, and kept his army together and under his command even when entering the outer boundaries of Rome — crossing the Rubicon.

He then used that army to overthrow the government and claim the Roman Empire for himself. Not only was Caesar a renowned military commander and political leader, but he could write too! Caesar started to do a lot of good things when he was made dictator for life, but the Roman Senate was worried that he was becoming too powerful and ambitious. They wanted to keep Rome as a republic, while Caesar wanted something like a monarchy.

Cassius and Brutus assassinated Caesar for reasons that they thought were best for Rome and themselves, in the end. We know him better as Caesar Augustus. Pompey — Pompey was a Roman politician and military leader. Marc Antony — Marc Antony was a strong supporter of Caesar, and was also a famous military leader and politician. He served with Caesar in Gaul during the Gallic War. Cicero — A famous orator speaker , writer and senator.

Historians have learned a lot about ancient Rome from documents written by Cicero. He was the first Emperor of the Roman Empire. Cleopatra — Cleopatra was a famous queen of Egypt, who was known for being beautiful, smart and a good leader. She brought prosperity to Egypt, and lived in Alexandria, which was the capital of Egypt at the time. He helped to take over new land for the Roman Empire. Caesar, with 80 ships and Augustus was the nephew of Caesar and the first Emperor of Rome. He was not always called Augustus, in fact he was born Octavian.

He changed his name to Augustus in 27 BC when he won the civil war that followed the death of Julius Caesar, and became emperor.

Claudius AD 10 - Hadrian AD 76 - Find out more about Caesar and other famous romans here Famous Romans Here you can read about some of the most famous Romans of all times. She was disliked the Romans. Why did Boudicca not like the Romans? After her husbands death, the Romans claimed the Iceni lands. When Boudicca protested she was beaten and her daughters attacked. She marched her army to Colchester the capital of Roman Britain.

Antony assures him that Cassius is a good Roman and that he has good intentions. Caesar, is, however, cynical, and Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look; He thinks too much: Caesar, is, however, cynical, and replies:.

Would he were fatter! But I fear him not: Yet if my name were liable to fear, I do not know the man I should avoid So soon as that spare Cassius. Caesar justifies his suspicion of Cassius, stating that he is much unlike Antony. He mentions that if he should be fearful, that Cassius would be one of those whom he would avoid. He sees a danger in Cassius, for he is the type of man to resent those who have greater power than he.

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Julius Caesar was the first person to have his own bust (face and neck) printed on a Roman coin. Julius Caesar’s defining moment was when he crossed the Rubicon, a river that bordered Rome, and led an army into Rome to take over the government.

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Why do julius caesar homework help the tribunes chase the commoners away, and for what does who wants to do my homework for me Marullus reprimand them in. Use up arrow (for mozilla firefox browser alt+up arrow) .

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ut homework system each essay about being myself me myself and i apa cover page for research paper youtube. patricians and plebeians compare and contrast essays patricians and plebeians compare and contrast essays a level sea history essays on . Brutus is portrayed as an honest, noble man throughout the play Julius Caesar. Brutus is initially manipulated into joining the conspirators after Cassius presents several moving arguments that depict Julius Caesar as an ambitious, power-hungry individual who wishes to usurp power and rule Rome as a monarch.

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Get an answer for 'In Julius Caesar, does Caesar seem to be aware that something is not right at the senate?' and find homework help for other Julius Caesar . > Homework Help. Filter Questions There are several examples of how Julius Caesar is vain throughout the play. Julius Caesar not only dismisses his wife's advice about going to the Senate but.