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The Lottery

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❶No other correspondence will be entered related to this promotion, and no notification of the results will be sent to persons other than to the winner. They do not know why they do what they do, yet they continue with the ceremony that results in the death of a friend and neighbor.

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As in, stoned with rocks. Unsurprisingly, this story caused major controversy when it was first published. The Red Scare was kicking off. People really, really did not want to be reminded of the evil that lurked in the hearts of men After all, WWII had just been completed. The good guys had won. Luckily, enough people loved "The Lottery" that became one of the most widely-anthologized short stories of all time And your answer was probably "No.

She thinks you—and anyone and everyone—would race off that bridge if your community decided it was necessary. When the unnamed narrator mentions the box. No one in the town remembers the original box, so the current box they are using, which is also old and warn, is a replacement box. The original paraphernalia for the lottery had been lost long ago, and the black box now resting on the stool had been put into use even before Old Man Warner, the oldest man in town, was born.

Summers spoke frequently to the villagers about making a new box, but no one liked to upset even as much tradition as was represented by the black box. This old box represents the tradition of the lottery itself. No one really knows how the lottery began, but they keep following through with it, because it is what has always been done.

Also, the lottery itself is a symbol. It symbolizes the harsh traditions of our society, many of which we carry out daily without knowing why. People go through the rites the way most people wash their hands. They do not know why they do what they do, yet they continue with the ceremony that results in the death of a friend and neighbor. What are the symbols in "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson? Expert Answers mwestwood Certified Educator. There are a few significant symbols in "The Lottery": The lottery- The lottery, held every June, is a ritual that the villages follow.

The three-legged stool- The black box is always set upon the three-legged stool. This reinforces the point that the antagonist of this story it is not a single person but society. This made her someone who had a lot of reason to find the longstanding traditions to be just as vile as those traditions in "The Lottery". Whether this was segregation, the lack of free voting rights or any of the many other traditions which still exist primarily because they have always existed. In addition, a woman being the one chosen by the lottery is important.

This is in some way the author putting herself symbolically into the place of the victim. Just as important, it shows the tradition has subverted the natural instinct that men have to protect women.

It also made the victim of the lottery someone who was hurt by tradition in the nonfictional world as well. This story is in many ways a parable more than a traditional story.

A society so mired in its traditions that it has lost the ability to even look at the reasons for those traditions, but instead follows them blindly even when they hurt its citizens. Stoning The method of execution at the end of the story is certainly not an arbitrary choice.

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Get an answer for 'In "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson, what the kind of group behavior that exists? What human nature exists?' and find homework help for other The Lottery questions at eNotes.

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Whether you love or hate "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson, there is no doubt that it is a story that demands attention. By making a close literary analysis of "The Lottery", the reader can better understanding how it is that the author was able to create such reactions to the story is worthwhile. Homework Help (20) Special Ed (11) More.

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“The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson is a story filled symbolism. The basic premise of “The Lottery" is almost certainly symbolic, and nearly every element of the . Get an answer for 'What are the symbols in "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson?' and find homework help for other The Lottery questions at eNotes.

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