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The Organizational Structure of Labor Unions

Executive Board

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We hosted 4 hunters at Cascade and 8 at Sheep Creek. We went 3 for 4 at Cascade and 4 for 8 at Sheep Creek. They typically have their own constitution and related by-laws. The organizational structure of a labor union usually comprises of four main branches of governance: General members make up the highest decision-making body of a union, and they elect the executive board and officers.

The general members create and approve policies for managing the union. Members are the beneficiaries of the various entitlements of the union and must perform certain duties. Union entitlements can include legal assistance, social programs, grievance procedures and educational and training opportunities. The executive board is the next level after the general membership. Members at this level make sure that the union carries out the policies approved by the general membership.

They organize, review and distribute the policies set out by the general members. Their goal is to run the affairs of the labor union, ensuring that they meet the wishes of the general membership.

The executive board reports to the general members on the affairs of the labor union, just as the board of director of corporation reports to its shareholders. The key executive officers of a labor union are president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, auditors and shop stewards.

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