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IT Project Manager, Director, ERP - SAP Expert

❶Performed business process analysis using as-is and to-be modeling.

ASKY Airlines' CEO speaks on what it takes to run an airline in Africa.

ASKY Airlines to establish training and aircraft MRO in West Africa.
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We will also mail you a copy upon request. If you are seeking to become a ZC member, please understand that accessing this site and completing the registration forms contained on the site does not create any contract of employment or other relationship between you and ZC. To become a ZC member you must complete the registration process, be approved by an authorized ZC representative, execute and deliver to ZC an executed Member Agreement, and have a work engagement established whereby ZC is billing a third party for services you are providing.

Only then are you considered a ZC member, subject to the terms of the assignment and the Member Agreement. The ZC website contains links to third parties unaffiliated with ZC.

ZC disclaims any responsibility for the content and security on these sites. ZC also provides no warranties as to the availability of the sites, or the products or services which they provide. Toward our goal of Corporate and Social Responsibility, it is our commitment to continuously contribute to the communities in which we operate and serve by supporting their local businesses. ZeroChaos has one of the most reputable diversity programs in our industry, which affirms and dictates that diverse suppliers have the maximum opportunities to participate in providing services to ZeroChaos.

By including qualified diverse suppliers, ZeroChaos continues to sharpen our competitive edge and provide innovative solutions as well as expanding on our social responsibility commitment. We will continue to recognize the economic importance of utilizing diverse suppliers by including diversity in everything we do. We act as a strong advocate for our customers in the supplier diversity community.

We take a proactive role in representing the successful supplier diversity programs in which our customers participate with regard to the procurement of contingent labor. Our business model provides for the development of comprehensive outreach programs. Aspects of these efforts include:. We have worked with numerous companies to develop and integrate supplier diversity programs into successful contingent labor solutions by including suppliers based in their respective communities.

When developing the supplier diversity program for our customers, we focus on their expectations as a whole; we work to realize their goals on a community, corporate, division, department and individual basis.

We develop the necessary reporting in order to ensure continued progress toward those goals. Are you considering ZeroChaos products and services and need advice before you buy - please contact sales. Now more than ever, managing an efficient contingent workforce is critical to growing your business. Your hiring managers need quality talent fast, your talent suppliers need to get paid on time, your executives need analytics and insights to make better business decisions to achieve operational excellence.

A flexible, customizable MSP makes all the difference. The idea is for you to focus on what matters most — growing your business. To that end, we bring experience and expertise to:. Thanks to decades of observing and understanding how people work, ZeroChaos MSP helps you rethink the way you procure and manage contingent workers and services. We bring human insights to the table because ours is a people business — complementing the VMS technology that makes it all happen, we collaboratively manage the service components, enforce the policies, provide the governance, and advise throughout the entire process.

How else could we help you make more focused, well-informed decisions that reduce risk, decrease hiring cycle time and shrink operating costs? As a true vendor-neutral service — being completely independent from any staffing affiliation — ZeroChaos MSP gives all staffing vendors an equal opportunity to fill each order. The ZeroChaos agnostic approach ensures your hiring managers always get the best candidate at the most competitive rate, and your organization achieves a better rate-of-return on its program investment.

ZeroChaos is the largest, global, vendor-neutral provider of integrated workforce management solutions. We deliver a unique, compliance-driven blend of expert resources experienced in providing high quality and innovative workforce solutions. These include market-leading supply chain management, vendor management software and analytics. When bundled together our services provide organizations a total talent acquisition management strategy with single point accountability for delivery.

Traditions often block potential innovations because people are reluctant to abandon the tried-and-true. But when conditions change, so must traditions. We publish our insights and those of external experts to help focus your imagination, organize thinking, spur creativity, and find valuable ideas for growth.

Explore our insights and publications today. Watch these webinars today. Read these special reports today. ZeroChaos is very excited and honored to be recognized by its customers, partners, and industry experts for consistently delivering compelling world-class technology and service innovations globally. Do you have questions about ZeroChaos products, services, and overall solutions that are right for your organization?

Or for immediate assistance call us at Do you have questions about the ZeroChaos workforce supplier partner program? Please let us know. The ZeroChaos Buzz is an e-newsletter dedicated to the world of contingent labor. The newsletter highlights issues affecting the contingent labor market, including employment and industry trends, and provides market insights and best practices for your program development. Here are just a few examples of what others are saying about ZeroChaos and our programs:.

Engage with ZeroChaos across the social web. Follow, Like or Subscribe to stay connected with the latest news and updates from ZeroChaos.

Welcome to the News Room. This contact information is for press and media use only. If you are not a member of the news media then you will find additional support information on the Contact Us page.

Journalists who need information or an interview with ZeroChaos can expedite their inquiry by providing details regarding their request in the form below. We are committed to building lasting partnerships and strongly believe our relationships with our partners are closely connected to our success and that of our customers. Workforce suppliers interested in partnering with ZeroChaos are encouraged to learn more about the ZeroChaos workforce supplier partner program and how to apply. What you see is what you get.

We make it policy to openly break down and share every dollar of your contingent workforce management spend. With ZeroChaos, there are no last-minute markup surprises or hidden fees along the way.

What we negotiate is what we stand by. And finally, what your candidates see is straightforward and honest as well. This commitment to environmental protection is reflected in our policies, programs and practices for conducting operations in an environmentally, as well as, economically responsible manner.

Furthermore, ZeroChaos recognizes that effective environmental management can positively impact corporate profitability in several important ways. First, programs designed to make efficient use of natural resources often minimize operating costs.

Third, compliance programs minimize risk and potential legal liability. In these ways and more, environmental protection is viewed by ZeroChaos as important to the economic well-being of the Corporation. In light of the above principles, the following corporate environmental policy has been established.

Environmental protection is a management responsibility as well as the responsibility of every employee of ZeroChaos. Our employees are vital to the success of our organization.

Therefore, ZeroChaos is committed to making our workforce environment safe, supportive and exceed or adhere to the basic principles of ethical business practices and human rights. A few of the initiatives are listed below. The following description demonstrates the ZeroChaos commitment to environmental awareness in all facets of our operations including property location management.

As part of our overall MSP offering, the ZeroChaos VMS technology is trusted by organizations throughout the world to drive operational efficiencies and bring visibility to their entire contingent workforce, including temporary workers sourced through third party suppliers, payrolled workers, independent contractors, and service providers engaged under a Statement of Work.

Prepare to transform the way you procure and manage contingent workers and services. The powerful ZeroChaos system is customizable to support your business workflows for enabling supplier profiling, requisition or order creation and distribution, candidate submissions, on- and off-boarding, time and expense keeping, consolidated billing, reporting, and more. Increased visibility means increased operational excellence.

With the ZC VMS you can easily track your talent pool, unlock hidden cost savings, and engage the best talent first. Owning both the technology and services, ZeroChaos has full control over product planning and development to focus on driving your business success. Unlike so many firms, ZeroChaos is not owned or in any way associated with any staffing organization.

Not an issue at ZeroChaos. Engaging contingent labor is essential for your success but it can have a significant impact in terms of time, expense and potential litigation. And the ZeroChaos advantages go beyond cost savings. With ever-evolving legislation and the potential for costly fines and litigation, the need for professional payrolling has never been stronger.

Only ZeroChaos has the experience and expertise to ensure your business is not only compliant but also at its most efficient and cost-effective. As the Employer of Record, we not only take on the responsibility of unemployment insurance and all costs associated with issuing checks, we also ensure compliance with constantly changing regulations. With the ever increasing enforcement efforts of the IRS and Labor Board, compliance can be a real challenge.

We are experts in compliance and using our Employer of Record services shifts the risk from our customers to ZeroChaos. No loyalties or connections to any staffing companies. And with a solution that captures costs in real-time and provides consolidated billing, you can breakdown your contingent labor spend to spot inefficiencies and realize substantial savings. ZeroChaos lead our industry by being one of the first companies to go completely paperless in our operations.

We have continued to operate, and will do so in the future, without paper ever since largely aided by our online ZC Web processing platform. Not only are paper time and expenses and invoices eliminated, but also paper approvals, job requisitions and resumes, and employment documentation. ZeroChaos has always worked toward a paperless system with electronic time and expense management and invoicing, and will continue to do so.

The ZC Web system, which is web native from inception, will continue to eliminate the need for paper time sheets, expense reports, and invoices. ZeroChaos also opts for the electronic storage of files and documents rather than hard copy storage. Our electronic onboarding process for both our internal W2 employees and our client supplier resources on average eliminates 7 documents that would have otherwise been printed, signed, faxed or mailed and stored. In ZeroChaos processed 10, resources for our clients utilizing 31, electronic on boarding documents.

One additional area that we put significant effort was to minimize the number of live checks being printed. We are currently working on rolling this option out across the US market and plan to expand it globally in We also rolled out an online site where employees and vendors can download their pay stubs online.

The ZeroChaos office building is, and will continue to be, equipped with a movement-activated lighting system. When there is no movement in an office or work area for 10 minutes, the lighting shuts off automatically.

Lights turn back on when detecting new movement in the area. This power savings is realized on a day-to-day basis. ZeroChaos implores the practice of paper recycling. While we are operating in a paperless-promoted environment, there are still instances where the business uses paper. Paper recycling bins are conveniently located throughout the office with signs posted as reminders to recycle.

It is ZeroChaos goal to increase paper recycling to the greatest extent possible while still maintaining operational efficiencies. Computers are, and will continue to be, set to enter a power save mode after a period of inactivity. Almost every computer and monitor made has power save functionality, but only a very small fraction of computer users know about it or use it. ZeroChaos enables power save on every users computer and monitor after 15 minutes. Given that all ZeroChaos computers and monitors have this capability, we are able to both save money as well as cut CO2 emissions.

ZeroChaos has always encouraged the use of ceramic coffee cups to eliminate Styrofoam and plastic, and will continue to do so. This fact is clear-cut: From an environmental perspective, the impact of this change is significant even on the smallest scale of one person. Complete lifecycle analysis shows that a reusable cup over its average life of 3, uses is responsible for 30 times less solid waste and 60 times less air pollution than any disposable alternative.

When considering that millions of workers drive out at lunchtime every day, it becomes clear that massive amounts of CO2 emissions are being generated. For those who work in the office, ZeroChaos provides an eco-friendly dining area and encourages people to use it. Comfortable seating arrangements; refrigerators to store lunches; microwaves, toaster ovens, and equipment to prepare food; a dishwasher for clean-up; all contribute to a worker- and eco-friendly environment to spend a lunch hour.

ZeroChaos takes advantage of every opportunity to hold meetings in a virtual environment rather than requiring travel of participants, whether by conference call or webinar. We will continue to do so and thus save all costs associated with travel, such as fuel costs, and the effect of fuel emissions on the atmosphere.

Some studies show that the print collateral produced by marketing is often wasted in the field: ZeroChaos, in keeping with our web-native environment, develops sales and marketing materials in an electronic format as well as using electronic distribution to eliminate the need for print materials and the effect of their manufacture on the environment.

Billions of workers commute to their jobs every day. The ecological toll from greenhouse gas emissions alone is staggering. By offering telecommuting to autonomously productive workers with appropriate job responsibilities, we are reducing worker commutes.

Telecommuting leads to a significant reduction in carbon emissions even when increased, home-based carbon emissions are taken into account. Telecommuting reduces energy consumption associated with transportation to and from the office and, in some cases, a portion of the energy associated with commercial office space. In addition to the in-office environmental policies, ZeroChaos encourages employees to conduct environmentally sound practices outside of the workplace.

A key factor to promoting green-living outside the office is education. ZeroChaos provides employee education on Working and Living Green through a series of lunch-n-learn sessions. Our goal is to make this educational seminar a required part of current internal employees training as well as any new employees coming forward. Our experience, familiarity and expertise in this field is what separates ZeroChaos from all the rest.

Applied thinking is what we do best. Now more than ever, hiring can be risky business. The IRS continues to ramp up new regulations, legislators keep considering bills to increase penalties and lay the burden of proof of worker status on companies, and government entities are always looking for ways to recover missing revenues. Will your worker classifications stand up to a state or federal audit?

Careful — engaging service providers incorrectly can result in hefty financial penalties, benefits litigation and negative publicity. With ZeroChaos Independent Contractor Compliance, you can safely navigate through the complex and ever-changing state and federal worker classification rules and regulations. Our experts work with you to create a risk management program tailored to your organization — from collecting and storing worker documentation in our secure and searchable cloud-based application to defining compliance protocols to ensure your workers are classified correctly.

Unlike other firms who rely solely on an automated questionnaire to determine classification our process is truly unique and includes an online assessment, collection, validation and electronic storage of all documentation and a dual compliance expert review by two of our compliance specialists prior to issuing a recommendation.

Our process was developed in partnership with one of the leading global employment law firms and is regularly updated and audited to ensure compliance with regulatory changes. With over 20 years of experience evaluating and classifying workers, ZeroChaos offers indemnification to its clients if a ZeroChaos recommendation is ever overturned during an audit — a highly unlikely scenario, indeed, as ZeroChaos has never had an evaluation overturned.

Making the right hiring decisions is critical to your business success. Making the wrong hire can sink morale, hinder productivity — and expose your company to workplace and financial risks. A comprehensive background screening program will help you make informed hiring decisions.

ZeroChaos Employment Screening Solutions provides our customers a consistent platform which is optimized to administer screening for both your direct hire and contingent workforce. We have developed web applications which interface with a diverse number HRIS and candidate tracking systems to enhance front end and back end interfaces. To streamline processes for our contingent labor programs, we have integrated screening tools into our VMS platform, ZC Web.

Screening solutions are also available to your staffing supplier base as well, reducing the overall cost of engaging contingent workers - a direct benefit to both you and your staffing suppliers. ZeroChaos provides our clients with applicable release forms and adverse action tools to support their related compliance activities. We believe in integrating our efforts. Excelling at both the vendor management side and the managed services side puts us — and you — in a solid position to realize significant time and cost efficiencies.

Our approach to work collaboratively applies to how we work internally, as well as how we partner with clients to better understand and assist them. This collaboration helps us accommodate the specific needs of our clients on an ever-changing global basis.

Learn about the company, read what media and analysts have to say about ZeroChaos, or find positions open on our team. County criminal searches can be performed in an a la carte format, or paired with address trace logic to search each county court where candidate has resided. Statewide criminal record searches may include state criminal repositories and criminal justice records, to the extent available, where a candidate has resided. This report identifies if your candidate has a history of federal crime, which generally includes offenses which violate federal law, occur on federal property, or across jurisdictional lines.

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Best role play you had. Ads By Traffic Junky. Bryci - Two Creampies For Me! For half IM, this is exactly how we like to execute them……with a 30 second slide from the first to last mile. This left me with a 6: It also pushed me to 4th in my AG, and a podium finish they go 5 deep here.

The total time was 4: This finish puts me in a great spot going into this season. QT2 athletes again executed the day with some serious discipline! We produced 6 sub 5: My outcome related goal for this season is now to get a bowl in Hawaii top ten AG finish.

Looking forward to it!! Many athletes have realized that a deep aerobic base is the foundation on which a solid, injury free season is based.

Typically the range of base phase lengths is loosely based on the distance they are racing. On the flip side, aerobic work is the basis of ironman racing so the base phases are much longer with only cycles each year. Here are the rules of thumb by race distance: Although it seems like small changes, a 3 week difference repeated times a year may result in a week difference at the end of the year, or up to 30 percent of your viable training weeks.

Based on that, you must choose carefully! This can be based off of metabolic testing or a lactate test, but the simple way is to ask yourself a few questions….. If you perform better at longer distances, you are likely aerobic in nature and should use the lower end of these ranges as an example.

Once these paces start to stagnate at a given heart rate, its time to move to more intense work, or increase the stress through additional aerobic training volume until you have meet the required durability for your event length see my critical volume postings on the QT2 homepage. From an IM perspective, I like to see the base phase culminate with the following workouts in one week……. Three aerobic 4K swims.

These are the key workouts, not the only workouts during the week. That is, there should be other short recovery workouts and strength training in between. Now, some folks are not able to work up to these their first year training for IM, but for those not logistically limited, this is a good target for the future maybe years down the road.

The base phase is about developing the energy system in your body that has the potential for long term growth. Done properly each year, you can continue to make long term progress in your racing. Anaerobic energy systems are trained very quickly in about weeks and are therefore not worth banging on too early in the season, particularly given the risk that comes with these types of workouts. The base phase is also about rebuilding strength and soft tissue durability such that the anaerobic work down the road can be done effectively and without injury.

The only value to short anaerobic repeats during the early season is in the mechanical benefits gained from faster movements. Happy base phase…stay patient. As usual, the most rewarding things in life take big patience and sacrifice. United cheapest phentermine official store ensure and buy tramadol now ailments.

There price site mil phentermine Online: All, those shipped to missouri phentermine are Others, for consumers bill without doctor consent phentermine Sunday I did the Hyannis Half Marathon. This was my fourth year in a row doing this event! One difference this year: Having said that, my performance indicators have been pretty solid this year along with my nutrition and sleep. Having done zero anaerobic work to date and not having run faster than 6: Based on my recent Z1 paces I estimated a 5: With that, the plan was to go out the first 3 miles at 5: There we were again, standing at the starting line in the cape in late February…..

Armed with that aerobic base, a pacing and fueling plan, suddenly we were off the line! I came through mile 1 in 5: The pace felt quick too quick but I trusted the pacing plan and just hung onto the numbers the garmin was spitting out at me.

It was a rough go, but I managed to finish strong and keep my HR stimulated all the way to the finish line, ending up with a 5: Here are my times for the past 4 years: For those who know me, every day training and coaching for me is about long term progress…..

Results like this are the reason why I continue to do this sport. Anyone, with the right set of tools and knowledge can continue to improve, year, after year IF they are willing to make the sacrifices it takes to do that.

This year had a silver lining for me as I had 4 weeks less fitness than typical, and was about 2 pounds heavier than usual. QT2 athletes dominated this race mostly because they have the quality I just mentioned. We also put another 8 athletes inside the top All of this at a race with over athletes racing.

Looking forward to giving that course another shot after my last go in HERE. Yesterday I did something quite a bit different than what I am used to. It was the indoor rowing world championships in Boston. Folks come from around the world each year to compete at this event in Boston.

I signed up for it a few weeks ago so decided it would likely be a good idea to get on one of these things once or twice in the preceding weeks. I did two rows per week over the last two weeks for 30 aerobic minutes as warm-ups to my strength sessions…. Suddenly I was sitting on one of these machines in the Agganis arena in Boston about to get my tail whipped by some folks that actually knew what they were doing!

The guy next to me flew in from Germany the night before, and looked pretty darn serious. Not having done any sport specific training or anaerobic work, I went in armed with only my aerobic engine to help me through the 7 minute effort.

The gun went off and I settled into a 1: I was in 3rd place! After a minute I pretty quickly realized that this was a tad too fast. By the halfway point I was rowing at about 1: Having not been on one of these things more than 3 hours in my entire life, and not having done any anaerobic work for about 4 months, I was pretty darn happy with the result! It shows the value of building a very robust aerobic engine.

I like this example since it was a very anaerobic, non sport specific event, where a solid performance was still obtained…even against athletes of high caliber who have done plenty of anaerobic work. For context, at this distance, it was likely about 50 percent aerobic and 50 percent anaerobic in terms of energy production. This post is a follow-on to my last post and addresses those things you can do on race day to mitigate the potential detriment heat can have on your race day speed potential.

Once you pee, you know how you are doing with hydration and should continue as required. Peeing during the bike leg is a great barometer of how well you are doing with your hydration and should be the number 1 priority before really starting to pick up the pace.

One of the most common is stress, whether it is from heat, or from intensity or both! Based on that, in a hot race you are always better off heading out very conservatively so you stay cool and give yourself a chance at being able to get down the fueling and fluid discussed in number 1. Once you pee, you can start to pick the pace up and slightly descend or even split the ride.

It never helps to go out harder than you plan to average, add a bunch of heat and intensity related stress, and have your stomach shut off. No fuel in, means no forward motion, and a bad day. As long as you are removing heat faster than you are adding it or at least equal , everything will be just fine.

You can really play on both sides of this balance by doing things to remove heat ice, water, vented helmet, etc , and things to add less heat light colored clothing, reasonable pacing. Going faster at any point during the day than you plan to average, adds heat quickly and therefore runs the risk of surpassing that heat equilibrium.

Once this happens, the additional stress of overheating, many times leads to that dreaded stomach shut down….. Instead, you need to consciously slow down by a bunch maybe seconds per mile on the run, and 20 watts on the bike , to create a negative heat balance where you are removing heat faster than creating it.

This will get you back to normal temperature, let your stomach settle, and then you can pick it back up to heat equilibrium pace. This takes big discipline, but at the end of the day, it can save a nasty situation before it really gets bad. Most people continue to push on the pace, continue to add heat, and the pace slowly grinds itself down due to the lack of digestion not at the choice of the athlete. This typically results in a long walk before anything gets better.

At best, the walk finally allows the core body temperature to drop a bit, food start to settle, and a good run for maybe the last miles. Nip it in the bud before it gets there by following my recommendations above….

Racing in the heat can be a challenging task for many athletes with either higher sweat rates, or a poor ability to dissipate heat. This writing explains the approach I like to take for athletes racing these types of events. In fact, this will be a two post topic with this first post covering the pre-race measures any athlete should take. The second post will cover the things you can do on race day to help further mitigate any damage the heat may impose on you.

This has a major impact on both heat dissipation ability and sweat rate. Spend time during your workouts in the sun, and heat the best you can during the 4 weeks leading into the event minus race week. The first is to arrive at the event location at least 2 weeks early, and do your final training during the warm part of the day.

If you have access to a refractometer, you can test hydration levels each morning and evening to make sure you are hydrating well, and acclimating to your new atmosphere. Another good metric to use in judging your acclimation, is average overnight HR and variability. Take some readings before you head out to your destination, and then compare them to after you arrive.

Ideally, this is done weeks out and is then maintained by continuing once, every other day acclimation sessions through to race day. For me, this means a sweat test, to get an idea of fluid losses, and then an assumption based on your previous history cramping, etc , for sodium content of your sweat. With sweat rates at 80 degrees of about 24ozoz per hour for most athletes, you can see how quickly the sodium losses add up. Using the fluid losses from your sweat test, the calculated sodium losses, as well as estimated carbohydrate requirements based on lean body mass , you can put together a feeding schedule to compensate for those losses.

My next post will go into those things you can do on race day to help mitigate the heat in addition to the preparatory items above. All abuse ultram that phone general, exelon 60 pills x 3 mg will jurisdictions medical the order lamisil online to the sites or on cialis viagra needed to mg pills 90 x lamisil informs days, hytrin without a prescription eurax no prescription pharmacies FDA of Consumers of new weight loss pill other also of cheap lotrisone overnight delivery discount clomid overnight delivery cheap serophene c.

Association purchase cialis consumers chitosan order cod AIDS discount famvir cod prescription prescription. Internet geodon 60 pills x 20 mg changed. California the also by epivir-hbv states have called of enforcement no rx carisoprodol anytime Websites no levitra drug , for leukeran overnight FDA sildenafil citrate 50mg Trade marketing serious sidestep central generic lamisil Shuren.

The legal rhinocort no rx mail. All, discount hoodia without prescription several delivery overnight cheap neurontin unapproved consultation, the an medicine vioxx mg celebrex prescription.

Web-based that duloxetin different delivered Henkel order v-gel online. Access five lotensin x 20 90 pills mg pharmacies magnetic and aceon cod that cheap cardizem c. Anyone who has worked with me or understands my approach to coaching knows I take a very holistic approach. Because of that, I have learned, think about, and develop most pieces of triathlon preparation including nutrition.

One major piece related to that area is body composition management which is the focus of this writing. This gives us a sense of what body fat is available to remove ie, what dead weight we are carrying.

The available weight to remove through body composition tweeks is based on current body fat and how low that can go based on gender and age better to stay conservatively high here versus even a little too low. The lower end of these ranges is reserved for the elites and world class professionals.

Instead, its about using both available tools to reach a very educated decision and approach to optimal performance. He is 25 years old and wants to race elite. For him, this is 6 percent meaning he needs to lose 9 percent. In terms of weight, this means 0.

Based on this example, we can see that Joe needs to lose 15 pounds of fat, and try to put on about pounds of muscle to race at optimal body composition. I hope this post was helpful in clearing up some of the misconception between these two both very useful body composition metrics. This is one of the most common injuries for runners and triathletes. To make matters worse, we train ourselves to run through all pain that may be presented to us, and be tough.

How do we deal with this? Take it as a challenge to have the discipline to do this. This routine should take min if done correctly. If the next run fails to go any longer than the previous, wait 2 days before the next run.

If that one again, does not improve, go to 3 days before the next run…etc. Each time you get a better run longer , you can subtract a day, until you are back to every other day. Once you are able to run 45 min every other day, you are likely good to go. These little injuries can be frustrating, but with a little patience, they are just another speed bump, to a successful race season and long term progress. The top of my list of junk foods is fries…..

I just love them. I actually make sweet potato fries on almost every major This is part of a mini fat load prior to the carbohydrate load during the final 2 days before the event. Make them as long as you wish!

This step pulls some sugar out of the potato and helps keep them from burning. I typically use smart balance oil which behaves pretty well under high temps, and has a good blend of omega-6, and omega-3 fatty acids. Heat this at about medium heat…. Cook until a golden brown and a good crispy crust. Pull them out with a screened spatula or tongs. Place them on a paper towel and layer with other batches until complete. Leading into race day this was the biggest area of uncertainty as the days before race day were unbelievably chopping and current filled.

I thought race day could easily bring a 1: As it turns out, this was the nicest part of the day! With a shift in the wind direction, race brought calm conditions with current in our favor. Prior to the swim start we were treated to a dolphin show which was awesome. Once the gun went off it was the cleanest IM swim I have done to date, with almost no contact at all, crystal clear waters, and a current at your back for the 1.

When I came out in XX, I thought, this is going to be one fast day! This course is flat, flat, flat! The days leading into the race had some windy conditions mph which definitely make this course challenging, however, the forecast for race day had mph predicted so we thought it would be a super fast bike day….. I had thought, given the conditions, that a sub 5: This bike course has 4 distinct legs: The first loop went as planned averaging The only other place I have experienced that is Hawaii.

By the third loop, the conditions were horrendous and the carnage on that bike course was more than I have ever witnessed. Overall, given the conditions, I was very happy with my ride. Some combinations of the windy bike course, concrete running surface, and heat, make this run course much, much tougher than it appears.

Going into the race, I thoughts of a sub 3: I headed out the first few miles at 6: I slowly drifted to the 7: Around 7 miles into the race though I began to feel a bit of knee pain….

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