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I was very pleased with the service I received. The final product was much better than the resume I had been sending potential employers, and I believe it will help me in looking for new positions. The writer was very professional. I was approached for any revision at the right time and the service was perfect.

My new employer was very impressed with the well-written resume. It was done to my full satisfaction. I will certainly use your service in future and also recommend your service to my family and friends.

Whenever I needed clarification, the customer service officers were very kind and understanding. They always helped at the right time. Thank you Chris David for helping me today with patience. The chat session with you was very useful in understanding the nature of the service offered by your company. Many thanks for your time and help. We landed the first role he applied for and we are more than pleased. Received the offer today. Without a doubt, your service made ALL the difference having applied for so many jobs prior without success.

Level up your job search and ultimately shine above the rest. Present your competencies extensively in the best light. Become the most qualified for a much-coveted federal job. LinkedIn profile helps you promote yourself and jumpstart your career! But the truth is that success in any field is more about commitment to a process than it is about finding one magic trick that will make it all come together. Sure, there are ways to expedite the process, but it is still a process.

Chasing the results without understanding the process will lead to short-lived success, if not outright failure. Think like I think. How do you do this, exactly? Because so much of what you create is tied to who you are, you have to get clear on your identity. In my case, I spent too long waiting for someone to call me a writer before I was willing to act like one. We must perform our way into professionalism.

We must first call ourselves what we want to become, and then get to the work of mastery. This is where your voice comes from — your confidence in what you are, and your commitment to acting on that knowledge. Great writers understand and appreciate this. In order to get good, you have to submit yourself to the teaching of those who have gone before you.

You have to study their work and emulate their techniques until you begin to find a style of your own. For the longest time, I just wanted to be recognized for my genius. You have to keep challenging yourself, keep pushing yourself beyond your limits. This is how we grow. I used to write a few hours on a random Saturday every third week of the month. Then I started writing words a day for as little as twenty to thirty minutes per day. Within a year, I had found my voice.

John Grisham knew this, too: What if you decide the same? I recently spoke with a best-selling author who has sold tens of millions of books. Do you know when his career started to really take off?

It was when he wrote his th book at age I took a leap every time I started a new blog. I did this eight times, every time I had a new idea. Failure is feedback, and truly successful people use it to move forward in their careers. I used to think my failures prohibited me from success, that every time I failed I had to go back to square one.

All the professional writers I know are good at more than one thing. One is a great publicist. Another is really smart at leadership. Another is a fantastic speaker. For me, my portfolio consists of writing, marketing, and business.

But for a long time I just waited for people to think I was a good enough writer, expecting the money to follow that one skill. I recently spoke with a creative professional in New York who makes a living as both a fine artist and a photographer.

The amateur is concerned with the big break, whereas the pro is more focused on delaying immediate gratification in exchange for long-term success. When I began writing, all I cared about was my byline, whether or not people recognized me as successful or famous or important.

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Professional Essay Writers During their academic years, students are required to write essays as a part of their learning programs. Typically, a professional essay includes three parts – an introduction paragraph, the body of the essay, and the concluding portion.

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“I can attest that Susan is one of the most capable and talented professional writers around, with an extraordinarily deep understanding of persuasive writing and commitment to the profession. In addition to her ability to write concisely, she takes the time to get to know her client professionally and personally.”.

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Find & hire Top Writing Talent - Creative Writers, Copywriters, Blog & Article Writers, Web Content Writers & more! Writing Professional Writing Professional Writing Editing Copywriting Research 6 more Tests: 3 Portfolios: 8. Sandra S. Copywriting | Content Writing | Instructional Writing. All the professional writers I know are good at more than one thing. One is a great publicist. Another is really smart at leadership. Another is a fantastic speaker. Being a writer doesn’t mean that you just write for eight hours a day – at least not for most professionals.

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A professional writer may be freelance, meaning he or she works on a self-employed basis, or fully employed in an occupation where a professional writing standard is a prerequisite, such as journalism, marketing, advertising, public relations, the military, or technical writing. Welcome to Profilia Resume Writing Services. Based in the West Island of Montreal (QC), we are a small business dedicated to offering personal consultations in terms of job search, including resume writing services and a professional resume template collection.